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  • We're glad you were able to make it on Friday because sadly, less than a few hours after you left, Oliver made it clear to us that he was ready to go and we had . . . read more read more

    Nick & Angie
  • I. Love. The. Pictures. I honestly do not know how to thank you for them, I look at them every night. Seriously, I do. Thank you so much for fitting us in and making it . . . read more read more

  • I took a quick look at the photos and they are wonderful. They brought tears to my eyes, but I am so happy we had them done. Simon looked so good in them. It's a . . . read more read more

  • I want to thank you so much for the photos you took of Scrappy and I. It was a wonderful experience that the two of us had together. Scrappy passed away on Wednesday. He took . . . read more read more

  • The pictures are totally amazing. As I'm sure you've heard a million times, they made me cry. But not out of sadness, out of overwhelming joy. Thank you for sharing your gift with more


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An easy way to bring some mental stimulation to your dog or cat, is to make them work for their food. Run through any commands they know (or teach them new ones!) and reward them with . . . read more


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Contributed by Kira DeDecker Photography, Glendale, AZ I never really know what to expect when I'm called out to shoot a terminal ill or elderly dog. Is everyone going to be overcome with grief? Resentful? Crying? . . . read more

Celebrate your pet with a custom etching

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Contributed by: Mandi Pratt, Greyboy Pet Prints Your favorite furry face - you want to hold him forever but his years are just too short. You want to be able to gaze at your best . . . read more

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